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Our Approach

Treating you like the unique person that you are.

Our goal is to provide individual, confidential, professional services dedicated to improve your quality of life.

One of the ways we do this is by specialized compounding which involves making customized doses and forms of medications to meet your unique needs. Another way is through individualized wellness plans as well as incorporating clinical nutrition into our practice.

We chose to specialize in compounding because no two people are alike. Healthcare is not a one size fit all. Compounding pharmacist, commonly known as problem solvers,  help modify dosages and medication delivery systems to best suit the specialized needs of patients.
We incorporate various alternative and functional solutions into how we care for you, all with goal of helping you Feel Better, Live Longer and Be More Energized.

Our Story

Dr Esther Nyarko is an advocate for women's health. Dissatisfied with the status quo in healthcare, she decided to create a different kind of pharmacy that will meet the wholistic needs of women and their families. Her vast clinical and leadership experience in the pharmacy industry spanning from hospital care to outpatient ambulatory care to regulatory compliance and functional medicine, created the perfect foundation to start the health revolution she dreamed of. She says it best below:

"I didn't just want to dispense medications. I wanted to make an impact in peoples lives by offering true solutions to health care ailments. With Pace Wellness Pharmacy, I am able to take the time needed with each patient and find their path to health and wellness. My experience in critical care and chronic disease management has taught me that true preventative care starts with every day preventative care. And that is what I love about functional medicine. We just don't treat the symptoms, we treat the underlying cause of those symptoms naturally and comprehensively.

As a pharmacist, it is my duty to educate my patients on the benefits and dangers of prescription medication and to provide natural, safer alternatives when at all possible. With my patients, it is not just a pharmacist patient relationship, it is a vested partnership. To my patients and customers, I always say, you are your own advocate in your journey to wellness. I am here to support you 100%, if you are in 100%. With both partners fully vested, we can absolutely accomplish a common goal of helping you Feel Better, Live Longer and Be More Energized!"

Meet the Team

Our service is professional, knowledgeable, and customized. Like an attentive concierge, we anticipate your needs and administer unprecedented care, so you can focus on the pursuit of

Feeling Better, Living Longer and Being More Energized

Next Steps...

We are here to help you on your journey to wellness. Let us help you today!